Who We Are

Wel-come to LionI productions where creative, reliable and logical teams lead technology. We are human brain, powerful and trending ahead and yet full of compassion and dedication to your business.

As our logo speaks to itself, our team is individually creative and works together seamlessly in order to execute any kind of project that dares to treat. LionI Video Productions is based in the heart of silicone valley San Jose California. LionI productions provide a complete spectrum of digital video production, motion graphics and Mobile advertising solution to all kinds of business.

LionI mission is to use its talented and creative teams within a focus to accomplish projects in order to help companies and small business exceed to their maximum possibilities.

Whether it is brand awareness or product launch, we enable our clients to tell their stories organically. We empower companies to communicate accurately. As a local company our mission is to help succeed small business in terms of creativity and content production along with our Out Door Digital Advertising solutions.

We promise beyond your project. We take it personal; we tackle it as a team. Please allow us to serve your business and create opportunity to many.

What We Do

Productions - We conceptualize ideas and sketch them to a white board, we storyboard ideas to form a desired story or message, we rehearse the creativity so many times till we become part of it. we adivse every progress with our clients before heading to a productions, post productions, and delivery.

Outdoor AD - we proudly display your message to a desire demography and locations. we run your AD day or night or sunny or rainy. unlike traditional billboards our platform is design to be ridge and mobile. we can be deployed at anylocation at any give time. In this days, consumers moves so fast and have littile to no time to watch unattractive static billborads. our digital and mobile billboard plays your digital media beautiful that no audince or traffic passes without watching what you have to say.

Web Design and development - while there might seems there is thousands of choice to build and run your website, having one that is interactive or responisve is a costy one. we are here to help you achieve what your business needs inorder to activly engag. with our design and development your website is empowered to submit data and display it instantly to your visitors.

Databse architecture - whether you are small business or medium, we believe you have hundres if not thousnads of data that needs to be stored and deliver as need. we can help design and implement your database architecture.

How We Can Help

If your business have a need to produce a content, develope a website, and build a databse architecture, you have come to the right place. we are a business with passion.

we love doing what we are doing so what might have worry you is an easy play ground for our team. so allow us to be your trusted partner in achieving your goal. please Ask us , we will do our best to tackle your task and make it an easy pass.

Who we have worked for

When someone takes the time to recount a positive experience, it speaks volumes. And so We would like to request a small favor a testimonial that will give others a sense of the experience and service We offer.

Whether it is a recommendation for a restaurant, a vacation spot or a doctor, We have always felt that the testimonial is a powerful indicator of excellence. We strive to provide such excellence with each and every transaction, and We sincerely hope that describes your experience with us.

This testimonial can be as short or as long as you like. It is valuable to our future business and, just as importantly, allows us to continuously improve upon the level of service We provide.

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